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Apollo 20 – The Mission They Don’t Want You To See

On January 4, 1970, NASA announced the cancellation of Apollo 20, but new evidence shows leaked footage of extraterrestrial life on the moon via a secret joint space program between the United States and Russia during the “Space Race”. This footage is provided by astronaut William Rutledge.

The Apollo Program officially ended in 1972 with Apollo 17 being the last mission to the moon and back. However, NASA had previously contracted 15 missions to the moon and scheduled each landing, along with an assigned region of the moon, with Apollo 20 being scheduled for July 1974 in Tycho crater.

alien structures apollo 20 moon mission revealed

The Apollo 20 mission in particular is regarded as one of the most controversial UFO cover-ups in history. Caught on 16 mm film, the Apollo 20 videos that were leaked show the inside command modules, along with what appears to be the intricate architecture of a long-deserted civilization on the moon.

According to astronaut William Rutledge, the mission took place in 1976, two years after the originally scheduled launch. He was chosen for the Apollo mission as he was an atheist, which was a rarity among astronauts in the 70s. Rutledge explained, during the Apollo 14 mission, the crew had passed over the southern polar region of the Moon, noticing several abandoned space ships and cities, all with towering structures.

The main objective for Apollo 20 was to landed in Delporte Crater, a lunar impact crater on the Moon’s far side, and inspect a cigar-shaped mother ship that had been abandoned for 1.5 million years. Once inside the mother ship, the astronauts found two alien bodies, one of which was a male, who had appeared to be dead, and female.

The female, dubbed Mona Lisa, was preserved and able to be recovered. She appeared to have a humanoid body, and had strikingly similar features to those of a human, minus the nostrils. Rutledge depicted her as being in a state of suspended animation, meaning, she wasn’t dead nor alive. She was covered in a wax-like substance, and attached to several tubes and pilot controls for the ship.

apollo 20 secret moon mission alien corpse mona lisa

In the videos below, you will see some disturbing images you may not have wished to see. While the remains of Mona Lisa are unknown, both her and the male were brought to Earth for further research.

William Rutledge is currently in his late 70s, living in Rwanda, located in Africa. Due to his age, he says he no longer feels threatened by the secrecy he was sworn to at the time of the mission.


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