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True Account of Our Hollow Earth by Olaf Jansen

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Olaf Jansen, a Norwegian born in the Russian town of Uleaborg, tells the story of his two years living with inhabitants of the Inner Earth who were 12 feet tall. The world was lit by a “smoky” central sun, with their capital being the original Garden of Eden.

The written account, by Willis George Emerson in 1908, describes the adventures of Olaf Jansen and The Smoky God, the name for the central sun, which the beings saw as a supreme deity. The book, also titled The Smoky God, or A Voyage Journey to the Inner Earth, talks about their journey beyond the North Wind, golden cities for a giant race, flying cars, the city of “Eden”, and more.

Inner Earth was a topic made extremely popular by Admiral Richard E Byrd via his tell all of the Hollow Earth in an aired 1950s interview, nearly 50 years after the published story of Olaf Jansen.

Olaf Jansen describes the giants and their world, depicting a place built from gold, decorated with no expense of diamonds, sapphires, and more. He lists the language of the people of the Inner World is much like the Sanskrit, the classical language of Indian and the liturgical language of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. This is an extremely interesting coincidence, as the region described in the book has great likeness to the utopia-like kingdom of Agharta, a motif that appears in most ancient myths: Shangri-La, the Valhalla of Norse mythology, Hyperborea, the kingdom of Belovodia in Siberian shamanism, and Shambhalla of Tibet. In The Smoky God, Shambhalla is described as the capital of Agharta, where Olaf Jansen and his father meet with the ruler of the inner realm.

Below is a two-hour long audio reading of the book by Jay Sans, accompanied by links to read the story yourself.

Click the link below to read Olaf Jansen’s tale, The Smoky God

The Smoky God, or A Voyage Journey to the Inner Earth



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