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Proof Ted Cruz Is The Infamous Zodiac Killer?

Ted Cruz and Zodiac Killer Side Comparison

Let’s analyze the deeper meaning between the now viral topic of Ted Cruz being compared to the never-been-caught Zodiac killer.

Ted Cruz, was not born in the United States, and is, therefore, unable to run for President. To qualify as a presidential candidate, one must either have been born here or have parents who are both from the United States. Unfortunately for Cruz, this has not been the case, as he was born in Alberta, Canada, and only his father is a United States citizen.

Despite this, Ted Cruz is still a top 2016 Republican contender. In here lies the deeper question – in order to rock the country of its strongest values, a person must hold the country within their grasp. Let this segway into our presumable evidence of Ted Cruz being reborn from the Zodiac Killer into a position of power, one the Zodiac could only dream of.

Flash to the late 60s and early 70s, where the killings took place. During this time, local San Francisco police received letters by the Zodiac featuring intricate puzzles, some of which are still unanswered even till this day. The puzzles are set to encourage law enforcement to climb to the killer’s level of mental state, as they struggle to decrypt the codes leading to the next threat. Running the police through hoops turned into a hobby of the Zodiac, as, soon enough, the codes were matched with demands to increase the power struggle and fame of the Zodiac in the national media.

On numerous occasions, the Zodiac had requested police to force the residents of San Francisco to wear his insignia in exchange for stopping his activities before they happened, with one of these events being “annihilating school bus of children”. While the police denied never forced or encouraged the wearing of these buttons, the mention of them is widely known, as the letters have been made available online.

Zodiac Killer Letter Buttons School Bus

Eventually, the letters stop being received by police. Evidence is sifted through time and time again, yet no one is convicted of the Zodiac’s claimed 37 kills. The case goes dark, and is eventually marked inactive by San Francisco PD.

Now let us compare the likeness between both the Zodiac and Ted Cruz. Fast forward to 2016, a year of opportunity for a man wishing to become the world’s most powerful man. As mentioned previously, Ted Cruz is one of the top Republican candidates, despite not meeting criteria to run for President. How can this be?

This is due to Zodiac having planned yet another terrorist activity in the new age. The massive scale of this new attack is so great, he was able to get his wish of being in the news and having people wear his buttons, although, they look a bit different in 2016.

Ted Cruz Zodiac Killer Button
Ted Cruz Zodiac Killer Button

Between fame in the media and having his one wish fulfilled, it’s clear that there is a correlation, further than appearance, to be looked at as evidence between Ted Cruz and the Zodiac. While the Zodiac Killer has yet to be identified, even till this day, the evidence provided could be completely coincidental, however, we believe there is much more to see than what meets the eyes and ears.


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