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Donald Trump’s Campaign Is A Test, And We Are Failing

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Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again will become a rally cry for Americans during the next World War, as his campaign creates a scapegoat for what is to come, a day of reckoning, and ultimate annihilation of the human race.

The Trump Campaign

Face it, Trump is crushing Ted Cruz and John Kasich, and is on his way to being the Republican nominee. This is no easy feat – him and his ideals have gained support of nearly 50% of the Republican Party on average, growing more each and every month. With each comment, each proposed idea, it angers a portion of the country, but gains the support of even more.

ORLANDO, FL - MARCH 5: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump guides everyone to pledge to vote for him as he speaks during a campaign event at the CFE Federal Credit Union Arena in Orlando, FL on Saturday March 05, 2016. (Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images)
ORLANDO, FL – MARCH 5: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump guides everyone to pledge to vote for him as he speaks during a campaign event at the CFE Federal Credit Union Arena in Orlando, FL on Saturday March 05, 2016. (Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Donald Trump is a business man, and he is playing his audience extremely well. On April 1st, Jimmy Kimmel released a faux Trump campaign announcement, stating entire campaign was a joke to see how far he could take things and still gain support. The video openly described Trump’s racial ideas and hate-fueled campaign being a wakeup call for America in how divide the country is, and included clips in some of the more nonsensical parts of Trump’s campaign. Yet, Trump carries on, and is still the most talked about candidate for the upcoming presidential election.

Something Isn’t Right

Despite the outlandishness of Donald Trump, mass media loves him – he’s still talked about daily over the airwaves, being broadcasted to millions of people throughout the country. And, the media should love him, every time he does something, people want to hear about it. It’s interesting; normal people are not like this. Constantly hearing the name and his acts creates a subconscious effect of conditioning for America. Think about it – are you more surprised when Donald Trump does something out of the ordinary now, compared to how you felt two years ago?

Because repeatedly creating waves gets him brought up in the media, the conditioning of the viewers happens more and more often. Combine the media attention and viewer conditioning of his antics, and a perpetual cycle is created, helping him steadily rise in the polls, as his actions seem less and less abnormal for Americans.

In February, Donald Trump gained more media attention than Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton combined. But why would the media widely broadcast someone like Trump, knowing each view or mention only helps him rise in popularity? Especially a campaign revolved around racism and bigotry?

Other Countries Are Noticing

Parliament has debated about banning Donald Trump from entering the United Kingdom. The world is concerned, and rightfully so. Mass media is setting up Donald Trump to become the next President, and the rest of the world feels something coming, and it isn’t close to “great”.

Donald T

Trump is slowly putting America into a corner, while attempting to pick a fight with anyone willing to take the first punch. By antagonizing other countries through policies (example: banning all Muslim’s from a country founded on religious freedom), a potential war is created. And, with a man like Donald having the nuke codes on him at all times, America becomes a ticking time bomb.

The Great American Test

What we can conclude is this, Donald Trump’s entire campaign is nothing more than a test of the mass media’s influence on the general population. There are numerous videos online about Trump’s followers, and their nonexistent knowledge about his supposed policies, despite having their full support. While these videos do not define the intellect of every one of his supporters, the facts remain the same: Trump’s vision of a greater America has offered little to no plan with regards to how his propositions will be done, and are merely what the public wants to hear to have their support.

These videos serve as proof for the media’s influence over America. While you and I may not fall for trump, the numbers do not lie. The media is winning, and we are failing this test. But what exactly does it mean if we fail?

Making America Great Again

By conditioning Americans to Donald Trump, allowing him to act as he does without consequence, helping him rise to power through hate, having other countries disapprove of his ideals, and politically picking fights with other countries through policy, grounds are set for a new World War.


Make America Great Again is not a symbol of pride, it’s a war cry for the followers of Donald Trump. It will be what you hear in the streets, just as Hitler had his rally cries to bring Germany to war. The Trump campaign will create a scapegoat for the next world war, and it’s already happening around you. There’s a list of promises Trump has said, and most are heavily focused on creating a bigger / stronger military and Muslims. Just as Hitler was able to convince Germany that the Holocaust was morally okay, mass media will allow Donald Trump to use hatred perceived as just, Americans will be right behind it, no matter what the cause.

We are on a very destructive path, and no amount of votes will change this. No amount of protesting, or online blogging will be able to stop it from happening. This article is to serve as a memory that some of us saw what was coming, and wished we could stop it before it came.

“Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”
Martin Luther King Jr.


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